Bokram, K. (Publisher and Founding Editor). (2017, April/May). Girls’ Life. Wilmington, DE: Girls’ Life Acquisition Corp.

Girls’ Life Website

Young, J. W. (Publisher Emeritus). (2017, February). Boys’ Life. New York, NY: National Publisher Services, LLC.

Boys’ Life Website


Girls’ Life

This issue of Girls’ Life boasts articles that assist readers with spring style, beauty tips, babysitting guide and dating advice. The magazine centers around understanding “dudes” and health tips including how to avoid HPV and be more confident in your skin instead of dieting. While the idea in the writing is for girls to be comfortable and learn to love themselves as they are regardless of weight, there is also the juxtaposition of how to better oneself with fashion tips and visuals of beautiful and skinny models.

Boys’ Life

This issue of Boys’ Life contains a collection of jokes and comics suitable for boys of all ages, an article on Lego Batman, adventures of hiking and survival and even a short story by famous author Gary Paulsen called “Wolfdreams.” The writing encourages boys to stay active outside, while also appealing to the obvious high-interest information on new movies, comics, reading and more. It is published by the Boy Scouts of America.


Girls’ Life

Suggested target audience is ages 10 and up; however, after reading many reviews and reviewing the April/May 2017 issue myself, I would never allow my 10 year-old daughter to read or subscribe to this magazine. This is more of a Tweens’ or Teens’ Life magazine.

Boys’ Life

Suggested target audience is ages 6-17, and I would say that this magazine actually sticks to this audience range. Boy Scouts of America offer subscriptions to this magazine to the kids involved in the organization, and the articles are age-appropriate for boys of all ages.


Girls’ Life

High Interest:  Oftentimes girls, even fairly young ones, obsess over clothes and boys, and this magazine (this issue, online version, etc.) offers just that in both the articles and advertisements. It is not so risqué that it should be rated R, but a heavy PG-13, despite its younger target audience, would be suitable.

Boys’ Life

Well-Rounded:  This one issue is jam-packed of all things young kids, especially young boys. The short story by Paulsen in the middle of the magazine centers around a 12-13-year-old boy who is drawn to winter, nature and wolves. There are comic strips, as well, that are about sci-fi and silly things that children would find fun and humorous. The advertisements mainly focus on educational items, high-interest movies and toys, or survival gear for camping.


Girls’ Life

Stereotypical/Unhealthy:  While some of the articles say that there is a focus on healthy living and appreciating your body, much of the magazine centers around ways to improve yourself in order to be the life of the party or get the boy. There are makeup guides, fashion tips, things to ditch and more than suggest that girls need to be a certain way in order to fit in and/or be accepted, further portraying the same stereotypes that the modern media does daily. It is an unhealthy start for young girls.

Boys’ Life



In/Out of the classroom:

Girls’ Life/Boys’ Life

Reluctant Readers: These magazines/periodicals could serve as great high-interest reading material for kids, tweens and teens, especially reluctant readers. The articles, short stories and comic strips are short, fun reads for kids that have trouble focusing, are lower-level readers or ones that struggle to find high-interest, easy pieces. To get a kid reading, regardless of what it is as long as it is appropriate.

School Library Journal on Reluctant Readers

Reading Rockets for Reluctant Readers


  • Boys’ Life has been featured in many shows, movies and games


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