Johnson, A. (2007-2017). Abby the Librarian. Powered by Blogger. Retrieved from


Abby the Librarian covers all things youth librarian, including children’s and young adults novels to read, as well as a “Day in the Life of” section that is helpful for anyone considering the profession or relatable for those already a part of the profession (especially considering her “So you want to be a librarian” link). She has hundreds of blog posts dating back to 2007.


Elementary or Middle School Librarians OR Youth Librarians at a public library


Quantity & Quality:  There are literally hundreds (over 1,900, in fact) of blog posts for youth librarians to read, which are divided by year (from 2007 to 2017) and by topic (ranging from adventure to YA fiction and everything in between). The topic list alone appeals to readers of many categories, from avid readers, to school and youth librarians, to even homeschool parents. Abby the Librarian proves to have a wealth of knowledge to share with those following her blog!

Structure of Book Reviews/Talks:  The way Abby the Librarian structures her reviews/talks of books is extremely helpful for librarians, since she starts with a book talk of the novel, has her own personal reflection of its redeeming qualities, and then also lists appropriate read-likes for those that one more! Within her posts she also includes links to various author websites and access to the novels being discussed, as well.




In/Out the classroom:

Books Covered:  The books that Abby the Librarian covers can help any classroom teacher come up with lists of books for a given project (whether nonfiction or fiction), as well as aide in setting up an appropriate classroom library for youth and YA teachers. It is nearly impossible to read everything that is out there for your students, but Abby’s blog helps in keeping up with what is hot and why it is useful and appropriate for younger audiences.


  • Served on 2015 Newbery Committee
  • Member of ALA: ALSC and YALSA
  • Member of Indiana Library Federation
  • Member of Floyd County Success by Six Action Team
  • Monthly contributor to ALSC blog
  • ALA’s 2011 Class of Emerging Leaders
  • Served on Young Hoosier Book Award Committee
  • Served on ILF District 6 Committee
  • Served on ALSC Quicklists Consulting Committee



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